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A Professional & Caring Pet Groomer

Maria of Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming has many years of experience grooming pets in Canada, after previously working for a pet hotel in Florida. She also studied pet medicine in Colombia. Maria speaks Spanish and English, and although she may sometimes encounter a slight language barrier, her passion for the animals is strong and true.

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Dog Grooming

Pet Grooming Made Easier

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is a family owned and operated business that started in 2008. Maria’s husband renovated a trailer with all the essentials to start a mobile pet grooming business. Maria works very hard traveling to her clients’ homes to facilitate their pet grooming needs at their convenience.


Dog Grooming

Winter pet care tips & grooming

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming knows the effort you put into winterizing your home, your car and your wardrobe. As a professional year-round pet grooming service, Beauty Paw asks: have you given the same consideration to your pets? They might be covered in fur, but your canines and felines need special attention to get through

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Dog Grooming

Book now to get your pet ready for the holidays

In the lead-up to the holidays, our to-do lists can be a mile long. That’s why it’s best to book all of the important appointments now. While we certainly try to anticipate every chore and errand that will need to be done, have you thought yet about caring for your favourite furry friend? Rather than

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Dog Grooming

Grooming tips to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter

Depending on the time of year, your pet’s grooming routine might look a little different, so Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, serving the Greater Hamilton Area, answers your questions about winter pet care. Should I let my dog’s hair grow out in the winter? Since your dog is mainly indoors in the winter, there’s really

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Dog Spa

Specialized skin care for different dog breeds

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming in Fisherville offers grooming and products that are geared to your dog’s specific needs, with the added convenience of their mobile service. Skin and coat care varies greatly from one dog breed to the next, and is also affected by diet, age and other factors. You cannot expect that the

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