Winter pet care tips & grooming

Dog Grooming

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming knows the effort you put into winterizing your home, your car and your wardrobe. As a professional year-round pet grooming service, Beauty Paw asks: have you given the same consideration to your pets?

They might be covered in fur, but your canines and felines need special attention to get through severe Canadian winters. Paw pads on dogs and outdoor cats are particularly sensitive to the elements and conditions that occur during winter; like human skin, paw pads can become dry and cracked in homes lacking proper humidity, and can quickly bleed from prolonged exposure to snow and ice.

Dogs are especially susceptible since they tend to remain active outside, and they can pick up salt, antifreeze residue and other potentially dangerous chemicals used to eliminate snow and ice. It’s a cesspool of contamination that can be harsh on your pets.

Thankfully, Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is there to help with professional grooming services. Beauty Paw suggests you maintain a regular routine of grooming every six to eight weeks to keep your pet’s fur at a manageable length. If you shave your pets in the summer, they do suggest you refrain from such cuts in the winter. Part of regular grooming includes nail trimming to help minimize salt and sand residue collecting around the paws.

To help protect your pet from the elements, Beauty Paw suggests lubricating their paws before you take them on their winter walks; this layer of moisture helps protect their pads and keeps them soft. One additional thought: if your dog spends a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities, you will also need to increase the supply of food, particularly proteins, to keep the fur in top shape.

During the cold months, Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming services are a great way to keep your pets looking and feeling great. They come right to your front door, delivering a spa day for your pet that includes a luxurious, warm-water bath. Both you and your pet avoid the stress that occurs when transporting your pet to a strange location. Contact or text Maria at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming today at 905-906-2558.