Specialized skin care for different dog breeds

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Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming in Fisherville offers grooming and products that are geared to your dog’s specific needs, with the added convenience of their mobile service.

Skin and coat care varies greatly from one dog breed to the next, and is also affected by diet, age and other factors. You cannot expect that the same grooming techniques or medicated shampoos and conditioners used for a St. Bernard will be suitable for a toy poodle.

Skin and coat structure can be as diverse as the breeds of dogs. The main difference between a dog’s skin and human skin is the lack of sweat glands in your pet. They also have a much higher, alkaline pH than humans, so it is important to use the right grooming products to avoid irritation and damage to their skin and coat.

The hair and coat structure of your furry friend can be grouped into three categories:

Stockhaar or long coat

Dogs such as German Shepherds, huskies and Old English sheepdogs have a long coat with a thick undercoat beneath, causing them to shed in the spring and fall.

Short hair or smooth coat

Short-haired dogs, like Dobermans and boxers, shed more frequently because their hair has a shorter life span than in other breeds.

Wiry hair or rough coat

These dogs have several layers of top hair over a short undercoat, which is common to many terrier breeds such as the Jack Russell, schnauzer and Airedale.

These diverse skin and hair types between breeds require individual grooming techniques for your dog. Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming uses the proper treatment or medicated shampoos and conditioners to help maintain a healthy coat and skin while controlling fleas and ticks.

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy coat, such as nutrition, health issues and environmental influences. The experts at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming can watch for any changes that may indicate a problem, or use medicated products that can help relieve allergies or other conditions.

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