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Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming offers full pet grooming services all year round to all breeds and sizes. Services include bathing, drying, haircutting, nail trimming and ear cleaning, as well as anal gland expressing if required. We use all-natural pet shampoos and products, without harsh soaps, dyes or chemicals. Since this is a mobile service, we will need to connect to your power source. 

Dog getting a trim

The Right Cleaning for Your Unique Pet

We will use the proper treatment or medicated shampoos and conditioners to help with fleas or ticks, keeping in mind the unique skin and coat of your pet. This will be done right in our trailer, which is fully equipped with essentials like water, power and all the needed products.

Cat Grooming

Full Pet Grooming Service

Full grooms come with a cute little bow for the females or a scarf for the males as well as scented cologne if desired. All prices are hourly.

Small Dogs – $85/hr +HST
Medium Dogs – $95/hr +HST
Large Dogs – $100/hr and up +HST
Cats – $100 +HST
Nails trim $30/hr
Nails trim and file $45/hr

Note: if grooming for small and med dogs takes longer than an hour, an extra charge of $35/hour.

If an appointment is required after 4:00pm there will be additional cost of $25