Winter pet care tips & grooming

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Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming knows the effort you put into winterizing your home, your car and your wardrobe. As a professional year-round pet grooming service, Beauty Paw asks: have you given the same consideration to your pets?

They might be covered in fur, but your canines and felines need special attention to get through severe Canadian winters. Paw pads on dogs and outdoor cats are particularly sensitive to the elements and conditions that occur during winter; like human skin, paw pads can become dry and cracked in homes lacking proper humidity, and can quickly bleed from prolonged exposure to snow and ice.

Dogs are especially susceptible since they tend to remain active outside, and they can pick up salt, antifreeze residue and other potentially dangerous chemicals used to eliminate snow and ice. It’s a cesspool of contamination that can be harsh on your pets.

Thankfully, Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming is there to help with professional grooming services. Beauty Paw suggests you maintain a regular routine of grooming every six to eight weeks to keep your pet’s fur at a manageable length. If you shave your pets in the summer, they do suggest you refrain from such cuts in the winter. Part of regular grooming includes nail trimming to help minimize salt and sand residue collecting around the paws.

To help protect your pet from the elements, Beauty Paw suggests lubricating their paws before you take them on their winter walks; this layer of moisture helps protect their pads and keeps them soft. One additional thought: if your dog spends a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities, you will also need to increase the supply of food, particularly proteins, to keep the fur in top shape.

During the cold months, Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming services are a great way to keep your pets looking and feeling great. They come right to your front door, delivering a spa day for your pet that includes a luxurious, warm-water bath. Both you and your pet avoid the stress that occurs when transporting your pet to a strange location. Contact or text Maria at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming today at 905-906-2558.

Pet grooming is especially important during the harsh winter months

Dog Grooming

At Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming in Fisherville, Haldimand County, they know you want your furry friend to look their best all year round, but they also know that wintertime is especially important for grooming.

Perhaps you’re thinking that because it’s colder out, you should let your pet’s hair grow as thick as possible and just worry about it in the spring. After all, maybe your canine friend isn’t being walked as often when it’s below zero outside, so why bother, right?

The truth is that long hair that isn’t maintained can be an invitation for problems. Not only will it look less than desirable, but there are some legitimate health concerns too: long hair can easily become matted during the winter months, decreasing its ability to provide proper insulation. Your pet may even develop infections or hot spots underneath their damp fur in some cases.

Trapped hair from shedding can also block natural oils in the skin from reaching your pet’s healthy fur, causing their coat to become brittle and even start to smell unpleasant.

While your pet can, of course, get wet during any season, it’s a different ballgame during the winter. The damp and slushy ground will be filled with salt, dirt and other impurities that can easily be absorbed by otherwise healthy hair. This is why winter actually increases the need for frequent grooming, rather than the opposite.

Many pet owners are already wise to this, and book in advance of the colder season. You should follow in their pawsteps, or it can be a longer waiting time when you request an appointment! Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming always has a busy schedule that fills up quickly in winter.

Treat your pet to a trim and the best all-natural shampoos for a healthy, shiny coat through the winter. For more information about pet beauty services — or to book a grooming visit right to your home (or other desired location) in Hamilton, Haldimand, Brantford or the surrounding areas — call or send a text to 905-906-2558. You can also send them an email

Book now to get your pet ready for the holidays

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In the lead-up to the holidays, our to-do lists can be a mile long. That’s why it’s best to book all of the important appointments now. While we certainly try to anticipate every chore and errand that will need to be done, have you thought yet about caring for your favourite furry friend?

Rather than setting aside the time to visit a specific facility, why not take advantage of mobile pet grooming services? They have grown significantly in recent years. Pet cleaning is now available at your own front door, year-round, for all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs.

These trailers are essentially well-equipped spas for pets. Your pet can have a luxurious spa day experience that is convenient, affordable, pampering — and it comes to you. Services offered include bathing, drying, cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning and medicated shampoos for ticks or fleas, as well as blueberry facial scrubs.

Mobile grooming is a much more pleasant experience for your dog or cat. There are no cages to contend with, no noisy barking to endure, no long wait for service and, best of all, no sedation required. It is much more relaxing and less stressful for your pet.

It saves pet owners the hassle of having to drive back and forth to a facility. The grooming takes place at your convenience and at your own home, so there is no disruption to your schedule. The trailer is fully equipped, stocked with everything needed to create a relaxing experience for dogs and cats.

If this sounds appealing, keep in mind that the time has already come to book appointments for Christmas and New Year’s; the earlier, the better. Most business owners are already completely booked at least two full weeks in advance. To avoid disappointment, book your spot now.

Most of us are especially pressed for time in the weeks leading up to Christmas, which is when a mobile pet grooming service comes in especially handy. You don’t have to leave the comfort of home. Your pet will be thoroughly cleaned and beautifully groomed by an expert, using only all-natural shampoos and products with no harsh soaps, dyes or chemicals.

For more information, visit Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, text 905-906-2558 or send a message using their online form. You can also follow the business on Facebook for updates.

Services can be provided in English or Spanish. This mobile service is available throughout Hamilton, Haldimand County and the Niagara Region.

Grooming tips to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter

Dog Grooming

Depending on the time of year, your pet’s grooming routine might look a little different, so Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, serving the Greater Hamilton Area, answers your questions about winter pet care.

Should I let my dog’s hair grow out in the winter?

Since your dog is mainly indoors in the winter, there’s really no need for an extra thick coat of fur; however, many pet owners ask the groomer to leave the hair a little longer than in the summertime. If you do, brush it regularly to prevent matting.

How can I protect my dog’s paws in the winter?

Nail clippings are very important in the winter, as toenails are more prone to breakage in the cold. Dog’s nails tend not to wear down naturally as they do on summer walks on concrete.

The pet groomer trims the fur around the paw pads, as it attracts snow and accumulates moisture, leading to tiny ice balls building up.

Salt on sidewalks is very irritating, so wipe your pet’s feet after a walk. If your dog doesn’t mind wearing boots, use them.

Can the groomer help reduce the amount my pet sheds?

Dogs and cats shed year-round, and while you can’t stop it, you can reduce the amount of hair that’s shed onto your floor and furniture.

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming has a special tool to remove fur that has already shed from the pet’s skin, so that they’re not removing any coat your pet needs to stay warm in the winter.

Will my dog get a chill if they’re bathed in the winter?

Dog bathing is important year-round. Maria at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming makes sure your pet is totally dry after their bath, so they’re immediately ready to go outdoors. She uses a moisturizing all-natural pet shampoo to get rid of dirt hidden deep in the fur.

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming arrives at your door with a fully equipped trailer to bathe and groom your pet.

Send a text to Maria at 905-906-2558 to book an appointment. You can also reach out to her by email at

Specialized skin care for different dog breeds

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Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming in Fisherville offers grooming and products that are geared to your dog’s specific needs, with the added convenience of their mobile service.

Skin and coat care varies greatly from one dog breed to the next, and is also affected by diet, age and other factors. You cannot expect that the same grooming techniques or medicated shampoos and conditioners used for a St. Bernard will be suitable for a toy poodle.

Skin and coat structure can be as diverse as the breeds of dogs. The main difference between a dog’s skin and human skin is the lack of sweat glands in your pet. They also have a much higher, alkaline pH than humans, so it is important to use the right grooming products to avoid irritation and damage to their skin and coat.

The hair and coat structure of your furry friend can be grouped into three categories:

Stockhaar or long coat

Dogs such as German Shepherds, huskies and Old English sheepdogs have a long coat with a thick undercoat beneath, causing them to shed in the spring and fall.

Short hair or smooth coat

Short-haired dogs, like Dobermans and boxers, shed more frequently because their hair has a shorter life span than in other breeds.

Wiry hair or rough coat

These dogs have several layers of top hair over a short undercoat, which is common to many terrier breeds such as the Jack Russell, schnauzer and Airedale.

These diverse skin and hair types between breeds require individual grooming techniques for your dog. Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming uses the proper treatment or medicated shampoos and conditioners to help maintain a healthy coat and skin while controlling fleas and ticks.

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy coat, such as nutrition, health issues and environmental influences. The experts at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming can watch for any changes that may indicate a problem, or use medicated products that can help relieve allergies or other conditions.

For more information about their mobile services, visit their website or contact them at 905-906-2558.