Pet grooming is especially important during the harsh winter months

Dog Grooming

At Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming in Fisherville, Haldimand County, they know you want your furry friend to look their best all year round, but they also know that wintertime is especially important for grooming.

Perhaps you’re thinking that because it’s colder out, you should let your pet’s hair grow as thick as possible and just worry about it in the spring. After all, maybe your canine friend isn’t being walked as often when it’s below zero outside, so why bother, right?

The truth is that long hair that isn’t maintained can be an invitation for problems. Not only will it look less than desirable, but there are some legitimate health concerns too: long hair can easily become matted during the winter months, decreasing its ability to provide proper insulation. Your pet may even develop infections or hot spots underneath their damp fur in some cases.

Trapped hair from shedding can also block natural oils in the skin from reaching your pet’s healthy fur, causing their coat to become brittle and even start to smell unpleasant.

While your pet can, of course, get wet during any season, it’s a different ballgame during the winter. The damp and slushy ground will be filled with salt, dirt and other impurities that can easily be absorbed by otherwise healthy hair. This is why winter actually increases the need for frequent grooming, rather than the opposite.

Many pet owners are already wise to this, and book in advance of the colder season. You should follow in their pawsteps, or it can be a longer waiting time when you request an appointment! Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming always has a busy schedule that fills up quickly in winter.

Treat your pet to a trim and the best all-natural shampoos for a healthy, shiny coat through the winter. For more information about pet beauty services — or to book a grooming visit right to your home (or other desired location) in Hamilton, Haldimand, Brantford or the surrounding areas — call or send a text to 905-906-2558. You can also send them an email