Grooming tips to keep your dog healthy and happy this winter

Dog Grooming

Depending on the time of year, your pet’s grooming routine might look a little different, so Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, serving the Greater Hamilton Area, answers your questions about winter pet care.

Should I let my dog’s hair grow out in the winter?

Since your dog is mainly indoors in the winter, there’s really no need for an extra thick coat of fur; however, many pet owners ask the groomer to leave the hair a little longer than in the summertime. If you do, brush it regularly to prevent matting.

How can I protect my dog’s paws in the winter?

Nail clippings are very important in the winter, as toenails are more prone to breakage in the cold. Dog’s nails tend not to wear down naturally as they do on summer walks on concrete.

The pet groomer trims the fur around the paw pads, as it attracts snow and accumulates moisture, leading to tiny ice balls building up.

Salt on sidewalks is very irritating, so wipe your pet’s feet after a walk. If your dog doesn’t mind wearing boots, use them.

Can the groomer help reduce the amount my pet sheds?

Dogs and cats shed year-round, and while you can’t stop it, you can reduce the amount of hair that’s shed onto your floor and furniture.

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming has a special tool to remove fur that has already shed from the pet’s skin, so that they’re not removing any coat your pet needs to stay warm in the winter.

Will my dog get a chill if they’re bathed in the winter?

Dog bathing is important year-round. Maria at Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming makes sure your pet is totally dry after their bath, so they’re immediately ready to go outdoors. She uses a moisturizing all-natural pet shampoo to get rid of dirt hidden deep in the fur.

Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming arrives at your door with a fully equipped trailer to bathe and groom your pet.

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