Book now to get your pet ready for the holidays

Dog Grooming

In the lead-up to the holidays, our to-do lists can be a mile long. That’s why it’s best to book all of the important appointments now. While we certainly try to anticipate every chore and errand that will need to be done, have you thought yet about caring for your favourite furry friend?

Rather than setting aside the time to visit a specific facility, why not take advantage of mobile pet grooming services? They have grown significantly in recent years. Pet cleaning is now available at your own front door, year-round, for all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs.

These trailers are essentially well-equipped spas for pets. Your pet can have a luxurious spa day experience that is convenient, affordable, pampering — and it comes to you. Services offered include bathing, drying, cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning and medicated shampoos for ticks or fleas, as well as blueberry facial scrubs.

Mobile grooming is a much more pleasant experience for your dog or cat. There are no cages to contend with, no noisy barking to endure, no long wait for service and, best of all, no sedation required. It is much more relaxing and less stressful for your pet.

It saves pet owners the hassle of having to drive back and forth to a facility. The grooming takes place at your convenience and at your own home, so there is no disruption to your schedule. The trailer is fully equipped, stocked with everything needed to create a relaxing experience for dogs and cats.

If this sounds appealing, keep in mind that the time has already come to book appointments for Christmas and New Year’s; the earlier, the better. Most business owners are already completely booked at least two full weeks in advance. To avoid disappointment, book your spot now.

Most of us are especially pressed for time in the weeks leading up to Christmas, which is when a mobile pet grooming service comes in especially handy. You don’t have to leave the comfort of home. Your pet will be thoroughly cleaned and beautifully groomed by an expert, using only all-natural shampoos and products with no harsh soaps, dyes or chemicals.

For more information, visit Beauty Paw Mobile Pet Grooming, text 905-906-2558 or send a message using their online form. You can also follow the business on Facebook for updates.

Services can be provided in English or Spanish. This mobile service is available throughout Hamilton, Haldimand County and the Niagara Region.